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[proteinas en la industria]Original title: Subcommittee suggests: Improve employee wages, improve the mental pension! The nationwide two sessions are about to open◆○, and the first-line employee representatives have arrived in Beijing=◁☆. In an interview, they said to the “Workers Daily” reporter★△…, we are from the front line•-, the attention point is also in front•…◇▲, we are a first-line endorsement. What are the representatives from the grassroots first line? Which focused points and your expectations? Lets take a look with the workers king (ID: grrbwx)◆△. 1. Improve employee salary income -…=◆”The employee looks forward to adding income.” Ding Hongbo, deputy director of the Materials Department of Anhui Province▼●•▷, China Chemical Co., Ltd. Business people will become a big problem. ” Pay attention to the workers treatment and Wang Ansh.

Original title: Pan Kaji, Vice President of the National Political Consultative Conference, and President of China Publishing Group: “Singing Faded” paper publication not based on cover journalists Zhang Jie photography reported from the past thousand words of thousands of words, and in recent years, literature magazine generally improve the festival Standards, there are thousands of words, the original copy of the original works, has always been a hot topic of writing workers, publishing circles. How to maintain the copyright of the work of the Internet-=◁■? In the era of electronic reading○▽, mobile reading screen, network novel writing and reading prevalence, paper publishing••☆, traditional reading, really fell? On March 7th, Pan Kaixiong, a member of the Capture Journalist Dialogue▼◁□, and Vice President of China Publishing Group. As a senior publisher, former president○☆, literary criticism, Pan Kaixiong said, singi…■-….

China New Network May 28…▷☆●, the US -★▪○”World Daily” reported that a 75-year-old Chinese woman was attacked by a young man near No. 57 Avenue▲△○=, New York, New York, 26. Broken, sent to Amhu House for treatment★▽▲, the situation has been stable. The police said that this case is currently related to whether the case is related to hatred Asian crime, but the hatred crime group has been involved in the investigation▼○▽-. According to the police news▷▪=◇, a 75-year-old Chinese elder woman was at 2▲●:40 in the morning of the 26th☆◆●-, and the 97th Avenue, Queen Cokea 57 Avenue▼=■▲, was attacked by a strange man. The victims nose was interrupted by the other party. , Being sent to Amhu House Hospital for treatmen.

Original title: Beijing Mayor Chen Jining Meets Mask Source: Beijing Daily Writes Wu Hongli Fan Jun Sheng Yesterday morning, Mayor Chen Jining met with Chairman and CEO CEO of Tesla●◆, USA Mr. Sk is a line. Chen Jining welcomed the visit to the guest☆□. He said that Beijing is currently being carefully organized to implement a new version of the citys overall planning, focusing on the “four centers” city strategic positioning△▷△○, promoting reduction and development●▪●▷, innovation and development and opening development. In the new round of expanding open, Beijing will further reform the optimized business environment and provide more quality services to international companies in Beijing. Tesla set up the first R & D center outside the China Headquarters and the United States in Beijing, fully reflecting Teslas attention to Beijing cooperatio.

Original title: ○□”Love Mother”=▼-◇, ★▲”Love Mother◇○□” is blowing big bubble commentator May 4■□-=, Hebei Province officially issued a news said: multi-department joint law enforcement, the civil construction founded by Li Lijuan, the city The Welfare Village banned, and the Wuan Administrative Example Administration also revoke the registration certificate of private non-enterprise units in the Welfare Village of Welfare Village★▼●. When the news came out, public opinion was inherent. The “Love Mother” in the country has been rated as a person in Hebei, and the legendary story can be said to be three days and three nights. More than 20 years have passed, “Love Mom” ​​This beauty is super-high painted☆▲, and after all, it is broken, and it faded. This time, it is neither Jianghu rumors▽•☆●, nor is the villagers recognition……, the official notification information instructions two questions: First, the welfare village founded by ▲▲△. beef gelatin near me can bovine collagen peptides cause weight gainAbout Us pig gelatin high bloom collagen peptides for skin,