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[capsule advantages]Original title: Central Bank Report▪=: 48▷▷▲□.2% of residents expects the price “basics” New Beijing News China New Beijing News (Reporter Di Di) Central Bank today released •◁”Investigation Report of the First Quarter Town Savings in 2018●▷☆-” (The ●☆○”Report”) shows that the lower quarter, 31.4% of residents expect “rising▪▼★”, 48.2% of residents expect “basically unchanged”, 9.9% of residents expect =△▽”decline”, 10.5% residents ” quasi”. In contrast the survey of the previous quarter, the expected residents have declined slightly from the previous season (32.0%), and the “basic unchanged” residents have risen slightly from the previous season (48%), and the residents expected “decline◆☆” residents The season (9.3%) has risen. According to the central banks official website, the Peoples Bank of Chi?

Original title: The first debut of the “Member Channel△▷□” Zhao Hongwei▲▪★-: There is no gender difference between scientific research. I will leave the cover. IN the news reporter Lai Fangjie Beijing Photography reported on the afternoon of March 3△▼▲▼, the Peoples Great Hall East Gate Hall, the national two sessions The field “member channel” is about to open□■□. Limited journalist, squeezing water, countless lens focused on the red carpet on the channel, looking forward to the debut of the committee. After an hour, the first round of three members, rushed to the red carpet and stood in front of the vertical microphone. They are the deputy director of the China Manned Space Project, as a vice chairman of the Middle School of Jiu Sanxue, the Intermittent Vice President of the Chinese Academy of Science and Technology•●◇, the academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Pan Jianwei•-■▷, and Zhao Hongwei, chief engineer of the China Railway Science Research Institute. As the first debut △▪■”member channe▽▲●■.

Original title: Participants of the Emergency Management Department□■: In the institutional reform, we must ensure that the old cadres things have○□▷•, on March 28, the Emergency Management Department held the old cadre conference, and Huang Ming attended the meeting and speaking. The official website of the Peoples Republic of China on March 28th–△□, on March 28th, the Emergency Management Department held the old cadre meeting, conveying the study and implementation of the Party Central Committee on the reform of the party and the national institutions, and informed the old comrade informing the reform of the emergency management department, deployment and strengthening Old cadres in institutional reforms. Huang Ming attended the meeting and delivered a speech by the Party Secretary of the Emergency Management Department○■•. Huang Ming pointed out that, he always never forget the historical achievements of the old comrades, and vigorously promoted the good style and traditional virtues of respecting the old and respecting the old. In recent years, the safety production work is probably promoted, and the effective foundation in the old comrades for many year○◆-▽!

Original title: Decision on the revision of some content “Decision on the Classification of Environmental Impact Assessment Classification Management Directory in Construction Projects” has passed the 3rd executive meeting of the Eco-Environment▼◇, on April 28•■, 2018, is now announced And from the date of publication. Li Ganjie○▪◆, Minister of Ecological Environment◇◁, on April 28, 2018=▲▷, on April 28, China on the decision of the “Building Project Environmental Impact Assessment Classification Management Directory”, in order to implement the partys central government, the State Council on “Jane Decentralization=•▷, Universal Combination••★▽, Optimization Service◁…•▷” reform requirements, According to the relevant provisions of the “Environmental Protection Management Regulations of the Peoples Republic of China★●▲” “Regulations on the Environmental Protection Management of the Construction Project▼▼”, it is now decided to “Directory of the Environmental Impact Assessment Classification of Construction Project.

Original title●▽: China built a power station in Pakistan to meet the needs, but also confident in “all the way”? Liberation Daily · View Journalist Zhu Yizhen Wang Hai Yan Chen Hesi Wang Yi said when answering Kazakhstan reporter about a round of all the way◁▲▪, one is the sunshine initiative proposed by China, and the sharing of co ahead is a passage of all the way●=▲. This principle determines this principle. A part of cooperation has a distinctive equality▲◇□, openness, and universal▽●. Planning, participation is carried out by participating in business-◁, everything is in the sun, no one is a big, but all parties involved=…▼, no black box operation, but insisted on public transparency, no family=◁, but seek mutual benefit and win-win. Wang Yi said that in May last year, more than 140 countries attended a collaborative summit forum, which is the international communit animal glue gelatin powder industrial whey proteina=☆ pectin candy hydrolyzed gelatin halal!About Us.