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[wholesale collagen peptides]Original title: China Mobile completed the first 5G automatic remote driving start and driving test on March 26-▽▼▷, according to the State-owned Assets Supervision Committee of the State Council◁-, recently, China Mobile completed the first 5G automatic remote driving launch and driving test for Xiongan New District. 5G network remote control 20 kilometers of vehicle completed starting acceleration, deceleration, steering, etc…●▽◇., and network delay kept within 6 milliseconds○▽○. Since the establishment of the Xiongan New Area, China Mobile has successively completed 5G pilots, Gigabit Widebands and NB-IoT Internet services in Xiongan New District. Source○◆○▲: Securities Times Editor: Zhang Yili.

Original title: The Ministry of Ecological Environment Department jointly deployed “Green Shield 2018″ Nature Reserve Supervision and Inspection Special Action March 27○▲◁▪, Ecological Environment Department…■■, Natural Resources, Water Resources Department◁…▪, Agricultural Rural Department, State Forestry and Grassland■★□▲, China The Academy of Sciences and the National Oceanic Administration and other seven departments held a special action of △▲▷”Green Shield 2018=…” Nature Reserve Supervision and Inspection (hereinafter referred to as “Green Shield 2018▪◇” special action) deployed video meeting in Beijing. Minister Li Ganjie, Minister of Ecological Environment, attended the meeting and speaking○•△. He said that “Green Shield 2018▷•” special action is an important special action jointly carried out after the introduction of the State Councils institutional reform plan, and the newly established Ecological Environment Department and other seven departments have been jointly carried out=◇◁, we must be guided by the socialist thinking of Chinese characteristics in Xi Jinpings new era-☆. Implement General Secretary of Xi Jinpings ecological civilizati.

Original title•▷△□: “Key minority” must be a key (people forum) ◇☆”era is a venison, we are answers★◆▷…, the people are the wonderful.” How to make a satisfactory answer to the people☆○•? Leading cadres as “key few”, need to have a key▲◆=. There is “two brushes□▽▽”□•○★, do not “two sides”. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that “the leadership of more than 1.3 billion socialist countries, our party must be politically hard, but also to be high.” Politics is too hard, the skills are high, the “two brushes-…△▼” must be available in the new era. For leading cadres•▪○▲, political construction is the first construction, political standards are the first standard, political ability is the first ability. There is a problem with politics☆-…•, and one vote is veto. Loyalty is reliable and reliable is available. Absolutely loyalty to the party is the most fundamental party. Political consciousness must be enhance●•▽▷?