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[main ingredient in gelatin]Original title: Competency in the new era, Great (editorial), spring back to the earth, Vientiane updated. In the world-famous, the 13th National Peoples Congress is grandly opened today•●▷. In the next ten days, nearly 3,000 new National Peoples Congress will be in the same business capital, and the new era reform and development is planned☆•. We express congratulations on the convening of the General Assembly▪▷! The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party draws to the grand blueprint of my countrys development of Chinas development, open a new journey of comprehensive construction of socialist modernization◇●■. One meeting of the 13th National Peoples Congress will review the draft Constitutional Amendment, the draft law▲•, election and decision to appoint a new national institution leaders to determine a large number of major matters affect far-reaching■◁☆▷. Opening this meeting☆▼…=, giving the partys claims and the peoples willingness to the national will, and the implementation of the intern of the new era of Chi. issued on May 27th, according to the website of the Civil Aviation Administration■■▽◁, on May 27th■□, the Civil Aviation Authority issued a notice to implement fuck measures for the German Shenyun Airlines DE8442 flight☆▼◆, and the Russian Airlines SU208 flight implementation control is performed. 5442 flights from May 16th (Frankfurt to Xian) were diagnosed with 5 cases of new coronal pneumonia. Since May 31, the flight is suspended for 2 weeks▪★. The amount of fuse is not available for other routes…-. The Russian Airlines Su208 flights (Moscow to Shanghai) were confirmed by 8 cases of new coronal pneumonia. According to the Civil Aviation Authority on international regular passenger fligh■△.

@ Peoples Daily: # National two sessions # [Sanya Mayor: Let Chinese and foreign tourists come, stay, dont want to go, I still want to come] Deputy Secretary of the Sanya Municipal Committee of Hainan Province▷○▲◁, Mayor Adong: 1. Protect the blue sea blue sky of Sanya◁•●▼, let the Chinese and foreign tourists are as moving★▽•, let the green hills are greener, the sea is blue, and the air is clearer. 2. Create an international tourist consumption center, let Sino-foreign tourists comfortable, focus on the theme park with international influence, create beautiful villages, become an industry-rich international tourist resort△▲. 3. Improve the level of tourism internationalization. In terms of eating travel and internationally, international routes are added to international routes. 4. Strengthen urban economic management, let Sino-foreign tourists will follow. Ironist governance•▼●, develop wisdom services, build a safe city, and there is no cash payment city. Click to enter the special responsibility Editor■▲☆△: Zhang Yili?

On March 26th, Gansu Ecological Construction and Environmental Protection Coordination Promoting the Leading Group held a meeting to consider the •…”Giant Panda National Park Baishuijiang Sediment Zone and Ribbon Overall Surveillance Program”••. Original title: Giant Panda National Park will be established in 2020◆◇: A total of 27•-●,000 square kilometers across the three provinces this means that the construction of “Giant Panda National Park” in Sichuan, Shaanxi, and Gansu has come out again■◁▲☆. “Although the number of big pandas has risen year by year, various artificial factors have influenced, the survival environment of the giant panda is still deteriorating◆□◁. In addition, there is a natural factor affecting the flowering of bamboo, making it very urgent to protect the living environment of the giant panda. “Alax SEE Northwest Project Center” Panda Canteen “project leader Cao Pu said to the upstream journalist,” Giant Panda Sta.

In order to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, the party history education is carried out, and the learning education into the youth group▽•. Recently, the “National Youth Reading Party History Story◆☆○” activity hosted by the Peoples Network is officially launched. Standing on the historical intersection of “Two One hundred Years◇◇”■▼, through reading the story of the party, inheriting the red gene, in fact, it is necessary. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out in the Mobilization Conference of the Partys History and Education Mobilization=★: ○▼”Our 100th year of our party is a hundred years of practicing the initial mission▲-•◇. “For more than 100 years, the Communist Party of China will lead Chine gleatin collagen whitening cream★…□▽ peptone for construction halal beef gelatin powder!