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[bovine hide collagen peptides hyaluronic acid]Zhongxin Net Guangzhou May 26 (Reporter Cheng Jingwei) Guangdong Provincial Peoples Government Information Office held a press conference on the 26th, introducing “Guangdong Province to accelerate the implementation of high-quality development of urban natural gas industry”. The program suggested that by 2025=●, the natural gas penetration rate of urban residents in the province of Guangdong Province reached more than 70%, and the annual gas volume reached 2 billion cubic meters. The city and county completion area is basically fully covered•=…. “Guangdong Province urban residential pipeline natural gas penetration rate increased by 30% by the end of 2015 to 50% by 2020, but there is still a small gap compared with Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu and other places.▷•▪◇” Guangdong Housing and Urban-Rural Development Department Director Liu W.

Original title: The staff arbitrarily offensive, secretary of the Discipline Committee, unannounced discussion on March 28, the special inspection team of the Jiying District Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission came to Yunchihe Black odor remediation project◇-, along the river embankment 1.4 km△▲◆, for each Whether the sewage port is blocked, whether the sewage pipe network is connected, and the various functional departments have been successfully supervised◁▼◆★. The Central Environmental Protection Inspector has pointed out the issues such as ▼★…”Outstanding Illegal Problem in Partial Heavy Chemical Industry Enterprises in the Yangtze River▲…▲=” in Yichang. Yichang Municipal Party Committee, Municipal Government does not evade◁■•…, active rectification•◁, and the list of confrontations will be subject to the list□=…△. “For environmentally destroyers, palliaries•○□◆, malicious, discipline inspection, iron, iron, iron wrist◁▼▲, iron, iron, negative, resolu-◁△.

Original title: [Solutions] One article clearly understands the party and national institution reform programs (dry version) -□○▽”The reform is large, the complexity of the impact, the interests of the interests, and there is a systematic , Overall, reconstructed ▪☆…”- This is March 19th, the executive deputy director of the Central Policy Research Office•●★, the executive vice president of the Central Propaganda Department=☆▷■, Wang Xiaohui, issued a sentence in the==□” Peoples Daily “, described This party and national institution reform. With the full text of …■-“Deepening Party and National Institutional Reform Plan”, the amount of information is proved that this is not emotion. So●◁, the △○•●”State Council Institutional Reform Plan▪◇=” triggered during the two sessions and approved★▽○, which has made everyone feel the strength and depth of reforms – and it is only part of the program full. Program full te.Contacts whitening collagen protein structure determination in industry,