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Pure collagen.[geletin]Original title: After the two sessions, local teachers have intensive adjusted more than ten provinces Partys team change Chinas new network client Beijing March 28 (Reporter Yu Feng) The national two sessions have ended, and the provincial local teachers have intensive personnel change. At present, there have been more than 10 provincial party committees of the Provincial Party Committee, in which 5 provincial party committees “one hand” adjustment in Henan, Qinghai●-▽-, Jiangxi, Sichuan, Guangxi■•▲. Data map: Deer heart society…•. Liu Zhankun took more than ten provincial party committees and the change of the central peoples changes during the two sessions of the country. Since the two sessions☆△◇…, the provincial local staff has been integrated. At present, local personnel adjustments have covered more than 10 provincial party committees of more than 10 provincial party committees Team. On March 21st, the national two sessions ended the second day○●, and the official was intensively released the river within a da.

Original title◁…: Beijing motor vehicle limit will continue for a year△○▼! In order to effectively consolidate the effectiveness of gas pollution□■◁-, reduce motor vehicle pollutant emissions, continue to improve the air quality of the capital, the municipal government decided to continue to implement the working day from April 9▼△, 2018, continued to implement the working day (due to the holiday holiday And adjusted to the Saturday and Sundays on Saturday, there are traffic management measures in the peak hours. The relevant matters are notified as follows: 1. Central state organs in the municipal administrative region, the party and government organs of the city○●…△, the central and civilian and state-owned enterprises in the municipality, and the public car of the state-owned enterprises The weekly stops a day (0 hours to 24), and the range is the road in the administrative region of the city. Second, according to the “Road Traffic Safety Law of the Peoples Republic of China▪•▼” and “Beijing Atmospheric Polluti.

[Procuratorate will expand the public examination of criminal appeal cases] The Supreme Peoples Procuratorates Criminal Appeals Office issued a notice, requiring all levels of procuratorates to investigate the publicly review of criminal appeal cases, further expand the scope of case●=, simplify operation procedures To achieve judicial justice in the way □=…=”see”. The public examination of criminal appeals is the disclosure of the prosecution, and the sunshine justice is the way of using public handling cases, so that the parties participate in it…★☆▷. Please witness the third party. This “Notice on In-depth Promotion of Criminal Appeals Public Review Special Inspection Campaign” pointed out that the criminal complaints of the procuratorate at all levels should adhere to the principle of “not open-▼, disclosed”△●◁▽, and strive to do “law” Pioneer “, achieved a good effect of public revi?

Original title: A man in Shaanxi is suspected of illegally detained in the escape tour of Leshan Buddha scenic spots, the net police will control the lives (public security for map) cover news reporter Li Wei, Dingwei, June 1▪-, 11 am, a suspected Shaanxi.com Escape came to the Leshan Giant Buddha Scenic Area. After receiving the information▲■, the Leshan Municipal Public Security Bureau special patrol detachment immediately organized the civilian policeman and rushed to the scenic spot to verify this situation. At 14 oclock on the same day, in front of Lingyun Temple in Leshan Buddha Scenic Area★□, the casual clothes found the man▽=☆■, and then according to law, the man said, the man said that she did not carry any personal identity documents, and unable to provide personal valid identity information on the police. The casual waters plan to bring it back to the detachment to continue the investigation, so take it out of the scenic spot○●▽◁. When a group of people walked to the East Gate of Scenic Area▷●-, there were many scenic tourist hydrolyzed bovine hide collagen peptides 25kg edible gelatin nitta 00 gelatin capsules!