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[alternative protein industry]A few days ago, Hebei Zhangjiakou City Huailai County and Beijing University of Science and Technology have a deeper exchange of opinions and agree on the issues of joint concern about project land, overall planning layout. As Zhang Jiakou docked Beijing window counties, bridgehead, quality industry and priority synchronization introduction was becoming a new idea, new initiative to promote the deployment of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Cooperative Development Strategy. It is understood that Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing University of Science and Technology□…, is specifically including national defense technology innovation centers, military and civilian integration technology innovation centers, future education centers, scientific and technological achievements incubation centers, and five sections of Yijiyuan will be built in special energy, smart ammunition☆▷▲. High-level talent training base and scientific research base-▲, microelectronics, electric vehicles, network space safety□★○, artificial intelligence, drone, etc., and become relevant scientific and technological achievement□★-◇.

Original title: Hua Shengying: ▷◇”One Belt Road” brings major opportunities to the Global Enterprise On March 21st Foreign Ministry◁…■, there is a reporter asked: Recently, US media CNBC (Consumer News & Business Channel) passed The analysis of the financial search engine is shown•-, including Honeywell, HSBC-★, Siemens-◆…○, Rio Tinto=▪••, Schneider Electric and other multinational executives say that “all the way” initiative provides a rare business opportunity▪••=. In the field of infrastructure★▷▪, a large number of new opportunities have brought a lot of new opportunities□◆…, and they have improved their existence in the relevant regions, indicating that it is necessary to actively seize the opportunities brought by the “One Belt” Initiative▪☆=□. Whats your opinion? Hua Chunying: I also saw the relevant reports you said. CNBC learns to use financial search engines to understand the United States and some world-renowned compani!

Original title: ASEAN Trural Military High-rise Qi Sheng◇★: I hope Nanhai Peace China Nanhai News Network on March 12, according to the Philippine Rappler website report on the 11th, March 8th ASEANs anti-office informal meeting held in Singapore▽◁, afterwards□…-, The National Military High-level High-level Division of the ASEAN said that he hopes to peace in the South China Sea. The Philippines INTERAKSYON website also reported that the Philippine armed forces staff and other 9 East Unions national military high-rise strong agreement ★■◆”Maintenance and Promoting South China Sea Peace and Safety”□◁, they also emphasized “Solving South China Sea in accordance with international law”. A statement on the 11th of the Philippine Armed Forces show that the ASEAN national military high-level consistently believes that enhances mutual trust and confidence, maintain self-restraint, and avoid action that may make the South China Sea situatio●▲-. peptone bacteriological soy gelatin capsules

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