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[industrial production of whey protein]Original title■◇: Dont use the old wine network social platform for “WeChat old homework•▷▪” to hook for power△▼●, it can be a double-edged sword. It can be a tool in-depth people, but it cannot be a hunting tool that combines underline. Wen Editorial Recently…◆-◇, a message of “Ministry Officer Junior WeChat Group was punished▼=•: the interior of the interoperative government information” appeared on many portals▽▽, and many netizens have caused a hot discussion. This news came from the website of the Central and State Governments Working Committee, “Telling the Director Dongs” Friendship “group of the United States▪▲●, and the profound lessons behind the network★△○. Dong, the official to the leading cadres of a ministerial level of a ministerial level, which proposed and created the “Oceani Elite Club■▪…▼” WeChat group•▼▷, and sets its leading cadres in the party and government organs in Beijing, more successful businessme!

Hubei Daily News (Reporter Liu Na) On the afternoon of July 20th, Wuhan held the citys leading cadre meeting, announced the central decision: Comrade Ma Guorong Ren Wuhan Municipal Party Committee Secretary. Jiang Chaoyiang, secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, attended the meeting and speaking○◆▽. Comrade Ma Guoqiang, Ma Guoqiang, male, Hui, Hebei Dingzhou■◇, born in November 1963. He is currently a member of the 19th Central House•◇, a member of Hubei Provincial Committee◁▲◁, a Standing Committee★▽••, and Deputy Secretary. 1980.09-1984.09 China Institute of Technology, Department of Management, Department of Management, Beijing Iron and Steel, School of Management, School of Management, 1986.08-1991.09 Beijing Iron and Steel School Management Science Department Finance and Accounting Teacher 1991.09-19.

Original title•▷◆-: Shanghai ▽◇•”Killing Wife Cabinet Cabinet○■” will once again opened again on the 23rd Boiling New Beijing News (Reporter Wang Wei) After the first time I opened more than 8 months•◁•, the Shanghai “killing the wife, the IR Cabin case “Will be opened again. The official website of the Shanghai Senior Peoples Court showed that the wife◁▷▼□, Zhu Xiaodong, who was intentionally killed, will be held at 9:30 am on August 23 and opened in Shanghai Second Intermediate Peoples Court. The Beijing News has previously reported that on October 17▲□▷, 2016, the 29-year-old Shanghai man Zhu Xiaodong☆…•, in the family dispute, holding the wife Yang Yipings neck-★, leading to Yang mechanic asphyxia. After killing his wife□★◇, Zhu Xiaodong wrapped Yang Yipings body with a red bed, put it at the bottom of the freezer in the home, frozen for 105 days. In this 105 days, Zhu Xiaodong passed his wifes mobile phon■▲.

Original title: The female cadres born in 89, the deputy secretary of the group committee★□, the Source: ▼•=…”Changan Street,” WeChat public number Xian Municipal Party Committee Organization Department issued a city management cadre◇▽…, 8 people proposed to promote the appointment or a flat-level transfer The post, the publicity period comes from June 22 to June 28. Changan Street■•★, IT (WeChat ID: Capitalnews) noted that there were 4 days of 80: 84th Wang Guodong was nominated as a secretary of the group, 85 years of Xu Hui, Wang Fei, 83 years▪◆■◁, and 89 years 6 The Essay of Yuxu is a deputy secretary of the municipal party committee◇●☆◁. Wang Guodong is currently a secretary of Xian Municipal Party Committee for Haifu▽■, born in July 1978-▷◇●, Jilin Songyuan, deputy secretary of August 2012, and in May 2016=▷. Changan Street, Item (WeChat .

Original title: Go to get off work, come on 200 bloom industrial gelatin high methoxyl pectin! Domestic oil price is the third rise in the year, plus a box of oil is 6.5 yuan Contacts, soft candy gelatin bulk beef gelatin! CCTV Finance (Reporter: Ordinary, Li Yanyang) According to the principle of △▪△”Ten Work Day,◆▪◇▽”, the new round of refined oil price adjustment window will be opened today (March 28) 24. This round of finished oil price adjustment cycle (March 15th – March 28)…☆■, the international oil price is rising☆■▪…. In this influence, domestic oil prices will rise▷=▲△, domestic gasoline, and diesel retail prices are also adjusted▼▼△•. CCTV Finance reporter learned from the National Development and Reform Commission that this oil price adjustment is: 10 yuan per ton of gasoline■◁, and the diesel is up to 165 yuan. The third rose within the finished oil year! Full of a box of oil, 6.5 yuan CCTV Finance reporter learned from the National Development and Reform Commission, this oil price adjustment is as follows: No. .