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[is gelatin a homogeneous mixture]Original title: US media: Chinese tourists last year in Australia consumption of more than 50 billion yuan reference news network on March 15th=•, the US media said that Chinese tourists are still Australias largest consumer▽▷•, 2017 Chinese tourists have injected into the countrys economy The record of $ 10.4 billion (about RMB 51.7 billion – this net note, the same), an increase of 14% over 2016. According to the US Pengbo News Site-■, the fastest travel destination of Australia is a cool island of only 500,000 people – Tasmania○…, many people have launched here is a backward area. However-□▪○, this did not prevent international tourists from arriving•▲. According to the report△□, with tourists in this island located in the southern coast of Australia, 2017 Tourist Touri!

Original title: Luo Shenglian representatives: Develop animal protection law to prevent the abuse of the National Peoples Congress of the National Peoples Congress, deputy director of the Central Environmental Resources Committee of the Agricultural Workers Party, and Nanchang Aviation University President Roshenglian. Scholans, Jiasa◁…◆=, Beijing, China, March 14 (reporter history) “Life is above. At present, China has already protected women, children and disabled people, etc△◁., and for the protection of animals, China lacks a protective animal from Abuse comprehensive law. “The deputy director of the National Peoples Congress and the Central Environmental Resources Committee of the Agricultural Workers, the Nanchang Aviation University, the Nanchang Aviation University, who received reporters during the two sessions of the reporters, should be established as soon as possible, the Peoples Republic of China Animal Protection Law is included in the Legislation Planning•★▲◁, developing a law of protecting animals from the perspective of life△■▼. Necessary for animal protection law legislati-▽?

Original title=…▲△: pay attention type ii collagen chicken•-=! The composition of these political and legal organs will change … The Influence Today, the State Council Institutional Reform Plan will request a meeting of the 13th National Peoples Congress. According to the proposal of the State Council of Prime Minister Li Keqiang▲▲○•, these judicians, law enforcement agencies will have a major change gelatin raw materials trade! Re-establish the Ministry of Justice Recommend the Ministry of Justice★▪•□. Integrate the role of the Ministry of Justice and the Legal Office of the State Council, re-establish the Ministry of Justice as a department of the State Council. Form an emergency management department. The responsibilities of the State Administration of Safety, the emergency management responsibility of the State Council Office■□□=, the fire management responsibility of the Ministry of Public Security□●◆, the relief duties of the Civil Affairs Department, the geological disaster prevention and control of the Ministry of Water Resources◁…▼, the water supply department prevention, Ministry of Agriculture Prairie fireproof○◆, national forestry bureaus forest fireproof pha.

Xinhua News Agency, Hefei May 26 (Reporter Ma Yurui★=◆☆, Liu Junxi) only needs no more than 1 hour•●☆▷, a scrap railway truck can be automatically disassembled by the robot, and then through deep processing can become agricultural machinery, hardware and other products. On May 26th, the railway material circulation and production base established in Maanshan City, Anhui Province was officially put into operation, and the railway scrapped materials will be ▷…•”re-won new○…■◆” here◁◆▼. Annual dismantling 4,000 scrapped locomotives, passenger cars, trucks, disposal of 125,000 tons of scrap rail, 58◆••●,000 tons of waste metal ..■◇=. As the high-end intelligent manufacturing industry project▼▽▽, the production of high-end intelligent manufacturing industries is 210,000 tons▼▪, with independence R & D automation sc▽★=●.About Us collagen drink skin whitening application of single cell protein in food industry,