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About Us.[protein ingredients industry]China New Network Beijing May 27 (Reporter Zhang Su) continued to urge the Japanese government and the international community to strictly verify the safety information decided by Fukushima Nuclear Pollution Water Sea, and the Pakistani said the decision was also condemned. In this regard, the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lie said on the 27th that the statement of the relevant parties once again proved that the so-called “security” of the Japanese unilateral advertisements is not enough to make the international social conviction◇◇•▼, he once again decided to Japan I sent four questions. South Korea Health Welfare Minister Solit No□◁◇▪. 25 at the World Health Assembly video meeting on the 25th, urged the Japanese government and the international community to strictly verify the safety information determined by Fukushima nuclear pollution water seas. Pakistan Senat△◁★.

Original title: Changning District is safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of sanitation workers recently, Changning District Gaigi Environmental Health Service Co., Ltd. and other enterprises shorten the road cleaning operation workers, and adjust the overtime subsidies. This has attracted the attention of some roads to the sanitation workers, and some sanitation workers express their demands through petition channels◇▼◇. The Changning District Committee and the District Government attaches great importance to this☆□☆, requiring regional greening markets to effectively safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of sanitation employees=▲☆▽. District green market has urged high-profile companies to strengthen communication and negotiation with sanitation workers, and effectively guarantee the rational growth mechanism of workers income. At present, the citys city-level environment cleaning work is working properly■▲•. For a long time□○…△, Changning-serving workers have contributed to the maintenance of urban environments, and build Changning Boutique City. District green market will continue to strengthen supervision◆◇, according to l.

Original title: Yang Yang: Pingchang Winter Olympics Dispute Cant rely on ▲▽◇”words” to solve the source: political circle •□□◁”知撰 撰 Dong Xin photography Wei Wei Dongbo will enter” Beijing time “. As the first winter Olympics champion in China, this year…●, Yang Yangs identity was changed from the 11th and the 12th National Peoples Congress to the 13th National Committee of China. Yang Yang said in an interview with the WITT (WeChat ID: WEPOLITICS) said that in 2022, the Winter Olympics came to Beijing, and our sports have been glory from the original country to the present□-●…, and there have been many social responsibilities■□▷. Contributing to social development and the happiness life of the public◇◁▷■. △ The National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference Yang Yang accepts that she said that when I bought a host 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, China has proposed “to drive 300 million peopl?