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Pectin manufacturer.[is whey protein a waste product of the dairy industry]Original title: The first batch of central environmental inspections “look back▪◁●▲” will fully launch “Peoples Daily…■=▪” (May 26, 2018) This newspaper Beijing May 25 (Reporter Yujiang Ze) is approved by the Party Central Committee, the State Council approval, recently The first batch of central environmental protection inspections “look back-○…■” will be fully launched. At present, the six central environmental protection inspectors have been formed, which are responsible for the “Hebei, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Ningxia, Heilongjiang, Jiangsu▲▼, Jiangxi, Guangdong, Guangxi, Yunnan and other provinces (autonomous regions) to” back “inspectors-■▲. According to the arrangement, the six inspectors will be held in recent investment. □□•”Looking back” inspects always adheres to the problem-oriented▲…=, focusing on the implementation of the central environmental protection inspector of the Party Central, the Central Environmental Protection Inspector of the State Counci◇▲.

Original title: The 81st Group 81 Yongxiang Ma will serve as the deputy director of the retired military Affairs▪■●…, todays ◁…”military representative”, the military representative of the retired military affairs▼=•☆, welcomed the deputy minister: Army No■•▷•. 81 The military and political council Yongxiang Yongxiang will. The deputy director is Fujian○★▪, born in August 1966, who has been working in the original 31st group army■◇○, the first group army○=○, etc.☆▲…☆, the grassroots experience and experience are very rich. Fang Yongxiang is willing to this news□…•★, no matter whether it is dedicated to the military□◇, it is exciting. “When the soldiers are more understanding△○■=, they are the biggest language of the soldiers•◆●, and they will be more demons and veterans-▪.◆◇■” I remember that when the Detailed Military Affairs Department was established◇◆, many retired soldiers expect future retired military affairs department to have more knowledge troop.

Original title: Guangzhou issued a ◇▲□”hero post” teacher to the national famous teacher and the student to cheer (information picture). Guangzhou Daily Full Media Reporter Li Xuyang Photographed Guangzhou Daily News (full media reporter Liu Xiaoxing correspondent Sui teacher), Guangzhou once again issued ▷■▽”heroic post” to the national name, famous teacher○•, introducing high-end talents in basic education in the country, and sincere Provide up to 1○□….5 million yuan of security fees◆-, as well as the longest ten years of rental subsidies (or talent apartment). The reporter learned from the Guangzhou Municipal Education Bureau yesterday that less than a week, the education department received more than 100 copies. The relevant person in charge of the Guangzhou Education Bureau said that since 2017•▽▪, Guangzhou has introduced 53 senior presidents and teachers in the field of basic education. In addition, registered the principal of the famous president••◁▼, name is in the talent librar.