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About Us.[pb leiner]Original title: Tiangong No▷○.1 has resembles the atmosphere to enter the area in the South Pacific Central Regional Beijing News (Reporter Ni Wei) According to the China Manned Space Engineering Office, the Beijing Space Flight Control Center and the relevant agency monitoring analysis, 4 At about 8:15 on the 2nd, the Tiangong No-★•▽. 1 target aircraft has returned to the atmosphere◁△▲★, and then the zone is located in the central region of the South Pacific◁-◁. Most of the devices is destroyed in the process of incorporating the atmosphere◆…☆△. According to the official website of the China Manned Space Project…◆◁★, the spacecraft running on the near-territorial track of the Earths surface 300km-1000km▪★▽, after completing its own mission or scrap failure, it will leave the running track and finally enter the atmosphere. Most of the spacecraft have been burned in front of the ground, only a small amount of difficulty ablation may resid.

Original title: “Every American family is inseparable from the China Manufacturing” “Trump government if he has increased $ 60 billion tariffs for Chinese goods, which will have an impact on the head to the foot of the United States.” US New York ▽▼…=”Daily A news report pointed out in the news. The US Retail Industry Leaders Association has also expressed similar views in a open letter to President Trump. In the letter, more than 41% of clothing, 72% of footwear and 84% of travel supplies are produced in China…△▼, ☆■◁”Tariffs for these products will be taxed for each American★■.•☆□” In the past few days△◁◆, I accepted the American people interviewed by reporters to express their concerns about the US Trade War, I hope that the two countries will cooperate rather than confrontation▪■-. “The US government does this, and finally the US ordinary consumer=▼☆☆” Easte!

Xinhua News Agency▷★•◆, Beijing, March 11□○◆: The partys claims and the high unity of the people – representative members and cadres and masses The Constitutional Amendments Through Xinhua News Agency, June 11, 2018, the 13th National Peoples Congress Ticket Table will pass the “Constitutional Amendment of the Peoples Republic of China”■●▽▷. This voting results fully explained that the constitutional amendment consistently with the development requirements of the party and the peoples career◆◇, reflecting the high unity of the partys claims and the will of the people△★, reflecting the common wishes and hearts of all national people of the whole party. The representative member and the majority of cadres consistently believe that this revision, my countrys constitution better reflects the will of the people, and better reflects the advantages of socialist systems with Chinese characteristics, and better adapts to the modernization of national governance systems and governance=△. Requiremen? gellatin industrial scale production of proteins

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