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[fish derived collagen]Original title: Exclusive Hu Hangang responded “China…●•□” The China Regional Economy 50 Forum 2018 “” Chinas ▪★◇◇”Chinas comprehensive exceeding the United States▷▪” in responding to the China New Commodity Reference. HuAnang said that the evaluation of others does not comment, it is recommended to see a professional article, “the academic research must use academic form•◆○”☆-▽▲, “our statement uses a professional intellectual property database to argue”●■◆◁. He said that China is in the worlds second world in international patents△△○, definitely surpass the United States before 2020. Hu Hangang believes that “academic research should be rigorous, and self-removal, because we are experts.

Original title: How to evaluate Russia to play a role in the peninsula non-nuclearization and peace and stability, China responding [Global Network Comprehensive Report] June 1▪▲▪◁, 2018 Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chunying hosted a routine press. There is a reporter asked: According to reports◁■●, Russian Foreign Minister Ruff Rov said when meeting North Koreas highest leader Kim Jong En said that Russia fully supported the DPRK leaders who had already put on the agenda and the determination and position of the peninsulaless. According to the report, the two sides exchanged views on the Semini Site, and the meeting of the highest leaders in Russia reached a consensus. How does China evaluate the role of Russia playing in the peninsula non-nuclearization and peace stability in the region? Hua Chunying responded that China noted that the Foreign Minister of Rafov visited North Korea, and His meeting was held in the foreign meeting of Jin Jongan and Li Yonghao◇▲◇. The DPRK reiterates non-nucle.

China Xinwang Zhengzhou May 27th (Wang Defeng) ▲○▼-“According to the Ecological Environment Department, 2020 air environment quality, water environment quality comprehensive evaluation results are” excellent “, contaminated cultivated land▲•, pollution block safety utilization 100%, the provinces ecological environment quality is high, the ecological environment of the people, the sense of happiness and safety are universally enhanced. “On May 27th, the Secretary of the Party Group, the Secretary of the Ecological Environment Office of Henan Province, said Wang Zhongtian■○•△. On May 27th, the Henan Provincial Government Information Office held a series of press conferences in the ▲■”New Journey to the Salary”, which responded to social concerns around the ecological environment construction and pollution prevention and control=★, and the “13th Five-Year Plan” environmental protecti.Pectin manufacturer.