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[ankur protein industries ltd changodar]Original title: Heilongjiang Tiger Lin Chao More 110,000 mu of cultivated land is returned to state villagers▽•△: I dont recognize the source○•: Chinas voice According to Chinas voice ★…•”News” report■●=: the land is the ◆•○●”life root” of farmers. In recent years, the State Council of the Party Central Committee has passed many times, emphasizing stabilizing rural land contractual relationships, protecting farmers cultivation. However, in the Heilongjiang Province Ji Xihu Lin City, a state-owned land of state-owned land is being promoted●▪◆, and the farmers will land and cultivate many years of land, and the village collectively returns to state. The advancement of this work caused a large discussion in the local area. Tiger Citys state-owned land collection actions launched in mid-this year, mainly involving 112,000 mu of cultivated land from three townships in the local area△-▽. The reporter finds that some farmers have opposed the cleaning and collecting a large objection to the land of the land, making it clear.

Original title: Zhang Wei Committee: Chinas online literature has become “the worlds four major cultural phenomena”▼○? my countrys network literature has more fire? Member of the National Committee of China▽◆☆●, Zhang Wei (in the pen name) Zhang Wei (in the pen name ” Is there a good thing to network literature■◁…? Is it a good thing for Chinese culture▼◁•…? Zhang Wei responded: “I think it is a good thing. This is a prosperous world in the history of Chinese literature. In history, there have never had so many autherers and readers.•△” He analyzed the reasons for my countrys online literature: on the one hand, because my country has huge The number of population★■•, micro-profit model and continuous reading are built here; on the other hand▪=▪•, Chinas five thousand years of history and culture is the basis for the creation of network literature writer.

Original title: Sichuan Provincial Government Leadership Division: Yang Xingping is responsible for education, culture, etc. April 2, the reporter learned from the Sichuan Provincial Government Network, the Sichuan Provincial Peoples Government●•==, Vice Governors, and Secretary-General, the latest division of labor is released. : Governor•▲-: Yin Li leads the provincial government to fully work. Responsible for audit work. Personal Audit Office. Vice Governor: Wang Ning is responsible for the managing work of the provincial government…☆. Assisting governors in charge of auditing. Responsible for development reform (including food, energy), fiscal, statistics, government affairs and information disclosure, letters and visits. In charge of the Provincial Government Office=△□◆, Provincial Development and Reform Commission (including Provincial Grain Bureau, Provincial Energy Bureau)•-○, Finance Department=◁▲, Provincial Office, Provincial State Taxation Bureau, Provincial Bureau of Statistics△★, Provincial Organization Administration, Provincial Information Office, Provincial Legal Office▼●•, Provincial Archives Bureau, Sichuan Administration College, Provincial Loc.Gelatin wholesale.