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[gelatin products]Zhongxin Net Lanzhou May 28 (Reporter Cui Lin) as a typical city merchant bank in the western region★◁▼, has been the “main army” of places in the place of places•▼▲◇, such as the construction of industry poverty alleviation platforms•…◁, take line Shangyun sales method, for Gansu◇▼●☆, more than 200 farm special products. As of now, the lily of the Lily Life network is 2,200, and the total transaction volume of platform products is 310 million yuan■□☆□. More than 70 million yuan. “Lanzhou Bank President Pu 5 pounds received the interview with the new network reporters on the 28th▽…○. Since 2012, Lanzhou Bank has been being rated as “Second Category Bank” by the China Silver Insurance Regulatory Commissio.

Science and Technology Daily△●, Media Reporter: Wan Minister Hello, “Double Creative” is a social hotspot•-=, is also one of the topics of the Technology Daily in recent years. The ●•▷”Government Work Report” proposed to promote the entrepreneurial industry, and create a ○◆△■”double creation” upgrade version. If you have a specific measures? Thank you. Wan Steel: I just briefly introduced the situation of “double-creating○▪=■” development. I have gone a lot of public space in these years○△▷▲. I have met a lot of young people in this opportunity. I think △◆”double creation” is a great platform for young people to achieve their dreams. Where you are all young, you feel lively. “Double Creative” is a big stage, big platform that promotes economic transformation and development●▽•◇, now our colleges, especially enterpris?

The market hot discussion of the China Deposit Ticket (CDR) rules officially landed, this time is online in the Chinese government□□△•, with the form of the “State Councils Office to forward the CSR rules◆▼”, the specifications are quite high●◁▽▲, the full name of the document is called “about carrying out innovation Some opinions on the issuance of stocks or deposit vouchers in the corporate “, which are clear in terms of investors extensive pilot scope, pilot enterprises, pilot methods●★▽•, issuance rules and other aspects▽○□•. It is particularly emphasized that in the pilot mode of the stock returns, while allowing the pilot red-chip enterprises to list the departure vouchers in the country capital market, they also determine the pilot red-chip enterprises with stock issuance listing conditions can be applied. Issued stocks listed. Shaking■▽-! Unicorn belonging to China=-, A shares welcomes the new economic “rule door” has slowly opene sources of gelatin protein purification industry jobs Gelatin wholesale. vitamin c pectin gummy gelatin powder!

Original title•◇▽: (Social) Inner Mongolia Daxinganling original forest area lightning strikes spread nearly 4,000 people to save Xinhua News Agency, Hohhot, June 3 (Reporter Zou Lubi) According to Inner Mongolia Daxinganling Forest Fire Prevention Command◆•▪☆, the original forest area in the north of Inner Mongolia Daxinganling Two forest fires in the National Nature Reserve of Khan Ma still continue. As of the early morning of the 3rd, the Khan Huamu has been put more than 11 kilometers, and the Aba River firefield has more than 5 kilometers. Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Fire Prevention Command has been adjusted nearly 4◁☆▼,000 firefighters and large equipment rushed to two firefields to save. According to the frontline firefighters, the high-temperature arid weather in Daxinganling Lin District has brought certain difficulties to the fire☆•-, and the firewall in the daytime is close to 2 meters, at the 4-5 southwest win▼-◇.

Original title department, the chairman of the chairman, the chairman of the chairman▽☆: 2 years can reach the English 8-level level National Peoples Congress, Bo Qingfeng, Chairman-▽○, Bo Qingfeng, Zhongqing Online Map, Zhongqing Online, March 11, Today In the afternoon…●■, the “representative channel” opened in the 13th National Peoples Congress, Liu Qingfeng•▽•, the chairman of the National Peoples Congress and the Board of Science, and the Board of Science and Technology. He took the machine translation machine=○◆, using Chinese and English to the machine translation machine “Go question○◆-“. The first 3 is a Chinese test, namely ▼☆○”artificial intelligence is changing the world” “Let the world listen to our voice” and “Todays program is very successful”○□☆★. His voice just fell, the machine instantly gave a smooth English translation. Then he was sent in Englis.