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[separated size 3 gelatin capsules]Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, May 26th: Strive to Strive to Carbon•▪, Beijing Winter Olympics▪•▲▲, the Xinhua News Agency○☆◁•, Wang Chujie, Ji Wei, Wang Yong Green-▽, Sharing, Open■▽•, Integrity – In Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Winter Disappearance Among the Olympic Implications, the green is in the first place. To do low-carbon management work•▲△□, help our country to achieve carbon-up peaks◇▼, carbon▷…☆☆, and to implement the actual actions of the Green Office. At the time of the game, 100% of the venues will be used to use green electricity. The construction venues fully meet the green architectural standards, the cleaning energy vehicles used by the event are the highest in the last winter. On the 26th, the news held in the Shougang Office of the Beijing Winter Olympics At the press conference▷-▼, Winter Olympics low-carbon management wo.

Original title……: The Bank of China Insurance Regulatory Commission held the reform leading group meeting to convey the study and implementation of the central government to deepen the reform committees first meeting of the Conference on March 29, the Party Secretary of the Bank of China Insurance Regulatory Commission, Chairman, Bank Insurance Reform Leading Group Comrade Chang Guo Shuqing presided over the first meeting of the Bank Insurance Reform Leading Group…=, conveying the spirit of the first meeting of the Central Committee of the Reform Commission, and the study implemented opinions. The meeting pointed out that the central government to deepen the reform leading group to the Committee is an important measure to improve the partys mechanism for major work leadership systems□▲. Party organizations at all levels should be seriously studied▽○, and the significance of this important initiative is deeply appreciated. It is guided by the socialist thinking of Chinese characteristics in Xi Jinping, enhances ○=◇☆”four awareness!

Original title: Hong Kongs surprise, Japanese army grenaders, police bombing experts, detonated bombers, will detonate shells, small maps are the shells after detonation (Figure: Hong Kong Media) Overseas Network April 5, Hong Kong reproduces the Japanese army Grencho which is better collagen or gelatin gelatein•▲ pectin powder extraction buffered peptone water! According to Hong Kong media news□-, Hong Kong Island Datan Tang Dao Yabo Garden closed the tower of the big chamber◁◇□•, 2 oclock in the afternoon◇•○, foreign “bomb hunter” Edward (Edward▼☆, 25 years old) using a metal detector, at the site hillside When the detection is performed, it is found that there is a suspected bomb object and then alarm. The police reported the blocked live survey, and the explosive product treatment class (EOD) was present, and the firefighting also was also in the game. The shell is detonated. (Figure: Hong Kong media) bombing experts have been examined, I believe it is a two-day Japanese army to occupy the grenades, and about 20 .

Original title: Radio◇○▲•, Film and Television Administration: Prohibition of illegal crawling and slamming adaptation audiovisual programs Beijing Business News March 22 Notice “), for the discipline of the ongoing network audiovisual program illegally crashed, the argument△▪, and the various programs, the number of programs, the nominal, sponsorship, etc. further standardize management▲▲▼■. ▷▷”Notice” pointed out that some network audiovisual programs have been made very highlighted. Some shows are distorted, spoof, ugly classic literary artwork; some programs are unauthorized intercepting the classic literary artwork△▽▪, broadcasting film and television programs and network original audio-visual programs, or re-dubbing★□□, replacing subtitles, tampering, breaking chapter…▽•, spoof, etc●●. Attractive eye, produ.

Original title=▲■□: The local government of the garbage is in the local government▷▲◁, if all places are like the Jiangsu Provincial Government○=…, it can file a claim after the land is underwater■□■, and those who are illegal to pour pollutants. Will be greatly reduced…▽★. In 2014☆•▪, Yang Mou▪=, the Marketing Department of Anhui Hyde Chemical Technology Co★-○◇.■△◁, Ltd-☆◇., and the 102○▷.4 tons of waste bases were disposed of Li, Li Mou□▽••, the waste base was poured into the Yangtze River, and the water source was polluted, Yang et al•▷◆△. People were sentenced to undertake criminal responsibility. On May 29, Jiangsu Provincial Government a paper complaint made Anhui Hyde Chemicals (Taizhou Middle School)-•●, filed a total of 36.88 million yuan to the defendant included environmental repair fee. In recent years, the problem of dumping in garbage has occurred. As from May to June 20▽•.Pectin manufacturer.