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About Us![wheat flour white industrial 9 protein bleached enriched]Original title■▽△: Chongqing leaders have clearly divided into progress△=, the Secretary of the New District Party Committee appears to appear to date, the Chongqing Municipal Government announced the latest leadership division. The five new deputy mayor Luke Hua, Deng Feng, Pan Yichen, Li Dianxun=•◆, and Li Mingqing were responsible for the work■•□. Changan Street, Id: CapitalNews, found that their division of labor is closely related to my work experience and personal characteristics, and the five original deputy mayor of the departure, He Qiang, Tan Jialing, Mu Huaping, Liu Qiang basically Lukehua originally retreated the deputy ministry of the Ministry□•, -▲…”Airborne” in January this year, its division of labor is closely related▽•◆, including urban and rural construction, transportation, land resources and housing management, environmental protection, planning, civil defense work. Chen Gongping, which was previously punched, has been transferred to Vice Governors of Liaoning Province■=…. Deng Fenglin is also hea.

Original title: My Tianji Internet will realize the global WiFi coverage recently. The Falcon Ninth Rockets are equipped with 2 small satellites in a regular launch mission – “Ding Ding-A” and ●◇=”Ding Ding -b□▪▼”, they are Spacex Star Chains (STARLINK) Program Test Star will carry out local communication tests. The project plans to launch nearly 12,000 small satellites in 2024■-, and launch high-speed Internet services to the world○▼. However, everyone doesnt have to rush to find Masque WiFi password, my countrys Tianji Internet is also under construction■-. The global mobile broadband satellite Internet system is about to start construction reporters learned from the China Aerospace Science and Technology Group that the Group plans to fully launch global mobile broadband satellite Internet systems this year★△●. The system is a deployment in low orbi.

Original title: The European Navy also wants to come to the South China Sea “Cruise”? The EU senior official is a bit “stupid” EU security policy, François Riviso, during the last week▼=▽, said in the future★○▷=, the European Navy is not ruled out in the South China Sea▷▲◆. The possibility of sailing patrols. Data Map: Nanhai According to the “Australian Financial Comment★▷◁” report, the EU Safety Policy Leader Françoa Riviso visited Australia last week that the European Navy did not rule out the possibility of sailing patrols in the South China Sea. The EU expressed concerns about the “increasing tight▼★▪▽” situation in the South China Sea. Riviso said that the ocean is a “global land”◁▲▪▷, and the South China Sea of ​​Peace is in line with the trade interests of Europe and is also global interests◆▲. He believes that the EU can be seen as “honest and middleman•◆” of the South China Sea dispute. According to reports•■★◁, the United Stat?

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