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[vegan collagen powder]Chinas new network reported that the foreign media reported that on the evening of the 26th time, Namibian Presidents Rago cloth and his wifes new crown virus test were positive▷▷△. According to reports, the Presidential Palace issued a message in social media▼◆○, and the spirit of root broth and his lady had good mental state. At present, the two are in situ for self-isolation▲●. [Edit: -▲.

In 2018•◁●, the Asian Forum Conference will be held in Boao Town, Hainan Qionghai City, and in order to reduce the air quality pollution★△-, improve air quality. According to Hainan Provincial Peoples Government Office, the Office of the Peoples Government issued in 2018 The Notice of the Conference Hainan Province Environmental Air Quality Assurance Program =★-•”and the Office of the Sanya Municipal Peoples Government” Notice on Printing on the Environmental Air Quality Assurance Program of Sanya City during the 2018 Bo Insisprunches, according to relevant laws, regulations=●□○, Sanya will be within the city Forbidden measures to some motor vehicles. The relevant matters are as follows: 1. Forbidden time, measures (1) At 0:00 to 11:00▲▪◇, 2018, it is strictly forbidden to transport earth-oriented or slag, concrete tanks and other transport vehicles and high pollution emissions•☆▪. Wa◁▽△.

Original title●▼…: Dutelt is not an enemy, and the president of the Philippines will also speak in front of the Philippine President Gloria, Makapar Aloho◇◇▼▪, China Nanhai News Network, March 13th, the “World Daily” On the 13th, former President of the Philippines Gloria Makarapar Arroyo believes that China is not the enemy of the Philippines▪☆. At the 12th, Arro came said that when the country began to rise in the 1980s, the Philippine people worried about China. They thought that China may be enemies□•. △◁▼•”But 40 years later, we know that China is not enemies. Arroy said that the policy of establishing relations with China and China is very similar to her policies during the president. She also emphasized that President Dutter is to maintain friendly relations with China. Chi◁△•★!

Original title: 5G to commercial•▽◇, enterprise Moxi-all 5G network has far from the reporter Long Yuemei Sun Yusong Fu Yifei this years government work report proposed to promote the ▲★”fifth-generation mobile communication△▪○” industry development of. According to the plan▷▪■, 5G commercial use is expected to be fully implemented in 2020▲★◇□. 3G running○★, 4G and running China▷◁, working hard to lead in the upcoming 5G era. ◁★”It is recommended to set up a national 5G Strategic Committee” “It is recommended to establish a national 5G industry alliance” “establishment of 5G National Strategic Fund as soon as possible” “Difficult to reduce the use of 5G terminal software”, during the two sessions, driving 5G faster to apply, become One of the hot topics that represent the committee. Recommendation Release Notes 5G Development Action Guide my country is a▲-. factory supply fish collagen peptide fish collagen peptide factoryPure collagen gelatin porcine skin 300 bloom marine collagen powder drink,