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Pure collagen substitute for rigid collodion industrial recombinant protein production,[gelatin supplement]Original title▪◆: The local government of the garbage is in the local government, if all places are like the Jiangsu Provincial Government, it can file a claim after the land is underwater◁=◆, and those who are illegal to pour pollutants▽★◁◆. Will be greatly reduced•◆▷. In 2014▽▷▽-, Yang Mou◇☆••, the Marketing Department of Anhui Hyde Chemical Technology Co., Ltd□○., and the 102.4 tons of waste bases were disposed of Li▲◁▷, Li Mou, the waste base was poured into the Yangtze River, and the water source was polluted, Yang et al△▷•. People were sentenced to undertake criminal responsibility■•□■. On May 29, Jiangsu Provincial Government a paper complaint made Anhui Hyde Chemicals (Taizhou Middle School)▲▲○, filed a total of 36.88 million yuan to the defendant included environmental repair fee▽○…. In recent years…☆▲, the problem of dumping in garbage has occurred. As from May to June 20!

Original title: Spring is coming to see expectations (economic hotspots) price, fare, can the drug price are smooth? Will continuously differentiated property markets will soon rise? “6.5% of the left and right” expected goals constant, mean? ▲▲.■•.. The market economy is expected to be economical. In early spring, with the determination of the two meetings and annual economic goals, people have more new expectations for the Chinese economy in 2018☆□□. What will the price trend will=▽○? Although in February, my countrys resident consumption price index created the highest value since 51 months◆★, but this years price level will still be more gentle ▪□•●”16 yuan of spring bamboo shoots■…, 5 yuan, lettuce 4 yuan ..●■. Now the price is OK, but the previous burst Its really expensive. “Beijing retired staff Chen Ayi squatting basket, the price of cucumber in the farmer market last month is 1 tim.

# 报 通 报 # # On the afternoon of June 4◁-○◇, 2018, the suspect Yumou took a gun in a beautiful city near Fengxi County, Yumi Town, Crystal City, killed the victim Zhao Mou (female)◁◇▲☆. After the incident, the suspect Yumou went to the Hefei Municipal Public Security Bureau, the publication of the public, surrendered. After preliminary investigation, the criminal suspect Yumou has a self-made firearm that is purchased in the outside of the guns, and the case is under further investigation○==. Editor in charge: Huo ■▲★-.

Original title▲◇: Carrying Chinese tourist bus in Thailand=-▷…, in the car accident culture and tourism department○•, supervising as soon as possible to find out the reason New Beijing News (Reporter Wang Zhenzhen) Local time on March 23, a 16 Chinese tourists (including 1 Chinese leader The tourist bus encounters a car accident in Phuket△☆■, Thailand, 4 of whom injured. The Ministry of Culture and Tourism attach great importance to the incident◇•▲, requiring relevant aspects to do good work. After receiving the accident, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism attached great importance to the Minister of Tree■◁◁◇, Li Jin, the deputy director, solemnly asked the Chinese Tourism Office in Thailand to understand the situation, and fully assist me in Thailand to make a hurt tourist treatment and follow-up disposition. Work. The reporter learned from the Cultural and Tourism, as of now●=□○, the injured tourists have received proper treatment of Thailand local hospitals. Thailand police are coordinating insurance companie amino acids in gelatin galetin powder□▷!

Yesterday, Xiangpeng Airlines issued by the flight attendant, mourning the employees△…•, appealing to the public to provide clues to help the police to solve the case•▽. Xiangpeng Airlines Weibo Shutdown Xinyang News (Reporter Zhang Wei Xu Tianhe) Last night, Zhengzhou police informed “flight attendants by the windmill of hauntering incident” said that the 21-year-old Li Mou bead is a network○★…. Damage in the car△•■, the net approximachi driver Liu Mouhua (male-•, 27 years old□□▪, Zhengzhou Airport) has a major crime suspicion. After tonifying the incident▼=★-, it has been tracked▲★●△, and the launch of the suspect is displayed☆…, and the police is now full of searching for the relevant regions. Li Moupe is the employees of Xiangpeng Airlines◆▲▼▼. On the evening of May 5, she took a windmill from the stationary hotel to Zhengzhou City●●□★. Drip release is reported, to disclose to the whole socie.