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[peptone for construction]Zhongxin Net Hefei May 28th, on May 28, 13•□:50●=, Hefei City, Xinzhi□▪, Xinzhang▷□, Zhizhou, was sent to the hospital. At this point□=▽■, the two cases of diagnosis cases reported in the city of this round of the city have been cured. After discharge, it will continue to stay in Hefei City Correlation Point for medical observation. According to epidemiological surveys, Lu Mou▼★○=, Department of Feixi County reported a colleague of Li Mou, a colleague, who took K1071 train from Beijing on May 10▪★▼, and stayed in the same room at the same room in June 11. (End) [Editor: Chen Haifen▽△.

Original title: Weekend national warmth next week, when the temperature is ridiculous, China Weather network news is expected to be present today (31st), most of the country is unanimous, and the highest temperature in the central and eastern region is generally 20 ° C◆★▷-, and it is full of spring. Weekend. At the beginning of the next week◇○▼▪, the temperature was large, and a lot of local temperatures rose next Monday to the highest point◁••□. But before and after April 3□…▪☆, strong cold air came, Henan▪…★▷, Shandong accumulated cooling rate up to 20 ° C, the public Please pay attention to the approach forecast, increase or decrease the clothes in time. The heating temperature penetration weekend next week•▪□◁, the temperature is rushing to fall back Huanghuai cools 20 ° C Recently, the weather is warmed★◆, Qinghai Lake ushered in the lake season. (Source: Xinhua Net) Yesterday, the central and Huanghuai in the Northwest China had a wide range of cooling. Monitoring shows, eastern Qinghai, Zhongnan, Gansu★■○, Ningx.

Xinchang□◆▲, Xining, May 27 (Sun Rui) reporter learned from the Qinghai Red Cross in the Qinghai Province◆△, the Hong Kong Red Cross will donate more than 100,000 yuan (RMB, the same) disaster relief materials for Qinghai Mado earthquake-stricken areas. The batch of materials has arrived in Mado County, Qinghai Province. On May 22-▲•, 2021, the 7□□.4-magnitude earthquake occurred in Qinghai Mado-□, causing fruit Luozhou Mado County, Maqi County, Banma County-…, Gande County•◁□◆, Da Ri County, Yushuzhou Qu. County, known as many counties▲☆▲☆, A total of 7 counties 40 townships were affected by 35○◆=,521 people★•◁. After the earthquake○•▽, the Hong Kong Red Cross is in the disaster area▽▽…. The first time is in contact with the Qinghai Red Cross◇▲•, and the disaster area is urgent◆●•△, the materials needed, and the disaster area has traveled togethe•◇□.

Original title▲••: “Number▪-▪▽” Wonderful also looks at the 10th of the Qingdao Summit, Qingdao Summit enters the most dense day of the schedule. The speech▷△=▽, a lot of golden sentences▼□, donated goods, and weight of the President Xi Jinping●○▷…. Let us use a set of numbers to comb▲▷=. Click to enter the topic: Shanghe Organization Qingdao Summit Opened, you want to pay attention! Editor in charge: Huo . protein shake industry ejemplos de proteinas recombinantes en la industria farmaceuticaPure collagen high quality collagen drink pectin gummy hydration!