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[glue gelatin]A few days ago, Hebei Zhangjiakou City Huailai County and Beijing University of Science and Technology have a deeper exchange of opinions and agree on the issues of joint concern about project land, overall planning layout. As Zhang Jiakou docked Beijing window counties, bridgehead, quality industry and priority synchronization introduction was becoming a new idea◇□□☆, new initiative to promote the deployment of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Cooperative Development Strategy•□. It is understood that Beijing Institute of Technology◁■★, Beijing University of Science and Technology, is specifically including national defense technology innovation centers, military and civilian integration technology innovation centers▽★, future education centers, scientific and technological achievements incubation centers, and five sections of Yijiyuan will be built in special energy▷☆, smart ammunition. High-level talent training base and scientific research base◁•, microelectronics, electric vehicles★=, network space safety▪▷, artificial intelligence, drone, etc., and become relevant scientific and technological achievement•◆●□.

Original title: I am very powerful=◇◆! Building artifact refreshes “China Speed”, covering a layer of building in 4 days clear ballistic gel recipe cell free protein synthesis industry chicken collagen type ii manufacturers 280 bloom halal gelatin! In the future, there will be a high-end household car next line every two minutes, and how is Chinas first full process car simulation production system, how is it breakthrough? Chinas superficial processing CNC system☆★, how to control the roughness of the part below 0.02 μm below the ultra-high speed of 24,000 revolutions per minute? The altitude has dropped 14=☆,000 meters, and the middle of the middle of the South and South is also out of the horizontal mountain barrier•…★, the most challenging railway project in human history, how to become a reality in Chinese? “Air Fallow Machine●◁” challenges the ultra-high-rise buildings▼◇★, and builds Chinas first high-rise building for the construction industry◆▷, 300 meters super high-rise buildings are thresholds◁■…, while 500 meters is a more difficult relationshi△●△.

Original title-◇: Implementing a rural resolution strategy to catch up with the Source: Learning Times Partys 19th National Congress, the major deployment of the countrys revitalization strategy, this is the new era of Chinese characteristics with Comrade Xi Jinpings core, grasping my countrys society The strategic choices made by major contradictions, and provide us to provide basic follow-up of agricultural rural development in new era▪-•▲. We must carefully learn to implement Xi Jinpings new era of Chinese characteristic socialist thinking and the partys 19th National Spirit. Comprehensive Decision of General Secretary of Popping, General Secretary of Power of Shaanxis “solid promotional modern agricultural construction▪◆□◆”, improving the political station, deepening ideological understanding□-■•, Accelerate the implementation of rural revitalization strategy, and the gas is promoted to promote the new achievements of “three rural” work, and the new era of Shaanxi will catch up with the solid foundation•▪▼□. Profoundly understa▲=▷?

China Xinwang Beijing May 27 (Reporter Zhang Su) For the US President Baiden…▼☆, the US intelligence department is asking for the US intelligence department to the new crown virus to the animal or laboratory accidents, China Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lie 27th in routine reporter At the meeting, there was a good history of the American intelligence department◁◆, and the so-called survey results of this unused credible intelligence department have□-◁, what is the credibility? “According to reports, the US President Biden 26 The day issued a statement that he has asked the US intelligence department to investigate the new crown virus in an animal or a laboratory accident. He also said that the United States will continue to cooperate with like-minded partners to urge China to participate in the whol?Pure collagen.