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[gellatin]China News Agency★▼○-, on May 27 (Yu Super) World Environmental Justice Conference, all parties unanimously passed the “Kunming Declaration of World Environmental Justice” (hereinafter referred to as “Kunming Declaration”)△△◇▷, the General Assembly successfully completed the agenda•-◁▷. The Kunming Declaration pointed out that Earth is a common home of human beings. Currently, the Earth is undergoing a multi-environmental crisis, human survival and development face severe challenges. The rule of law has an irreplaceable important role in global environmental governance, and the judicial process should be established by publicly transparent○◇, fair and efficient…◆▷☆, affordable judicial processes, the establishment of referee rules=▽◇, maintain public environmental rights, and optimize environmental governance system◆◇•, and maintain People are symbiotic with nature◆▼□△. f.

Yesterday, readers said to Qianjiang Evening News, Hour News Help Report, these two days, Hangzhou Xiaoshan Local Forum, there is a post of girls to buy a water purifier□○●•: “I think the mother bought water heater It is a bit unreliable▽▽○△. Can you invite the hour news help group to intervene○•△. “According to the clues provided by the reader△◆○, the reporter found the post of the girl●◁. In the post, starting from last week, several men opened the Sichuan brand van to find a household in the village, borrowing the shed, with five days, there is a 50-year-old man wearing a shirt suit, talking every morning Health, give the village mother-in-law mothers free gifts, is a bin, bucket, Amoy, milk bread, let them call relatives and friends, more peop◆★.

Original title: Heavy exposure! Our medical insurance ▷☆◆★”life-saving money” is actually “black walking” like drug stores peptone for medicine gelatin vs gelatine industrial whey proteina pork collagen supplier! You may have experienced■●, just dont know. At the two sessions of just ended, Li Keqiang pointed out in the “Government Work Report●…▪”☆=●◇. In the past five years, the national basic medical insurance covers 1.35 billion people, and the basic medical insurance per capita financial subsidy standards increased from 240 yuan to 450 yuan◇=■, and the big disease insurance system basically Established, more than 17 million people have benefited, and the medical elisse is directly settled in different places. It can be said that the state gives a real bonus. But recently, many netizens report to the CCTV Financial Channel “Economic Half-hour” column, some business agencies have a black heartbeat in national medical insurance funds△…△, and become a financial money to earn ordinary people. In Sanya, Hainan Provin.

Original title: American trade “sick”, dont let China ▷•□▷”Take Medicine○★” (Wanghai Building) Jia Dynasty, JD●◆▷=, JD▽○•, is a US trade memo to China-★-, and provoke China-US trade friction▪-, US trade representative LeThezawa recently Receiving TV interviews, the United States has recently announced recently in the United States to have a list of 60 billion US dollars on China•▪▽◆. In this regard○=, the spokesperson of the Chinese Ministry of Commerce responded that “Dont take China as an excuse”, and advise the US cliff Horsame-…-, “Otherwise we will accompany the end”•-…. There is no doubt that this trading dispute is completely unilaterally provoked★□, and the US is completely acting in accordance with the strength of the power, zero and consciousness. The US established the establishment of the foundation in ◆•”The US Trade in China”, its statistical data shows that the US-China trade deficit is 3752 in 20=●.About Us.