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[protein pharmaceutical industry in ten years]Xinhua News Agency, Beijing May 27 (Reporter, Si Cong) On the 27th, the 31st meeting of the Standing Committee of the Fifteenth National Peoples Congress of Beijing listened to the Beijing Municipal Government on “Beijing Accessible Environment Construction Ordinance (Draft)” According to the Bill△•, any unit, individuals must not be damaged, invading or unauthorized stop using roads▼□, public buildings▲•=●, residential buildings, and unobstructed facilities in the residential area, and violations will be fined 30▪…▲,000 yuan. It is proposed in the Bill that should avoid occupying accessible facilities; if you need to occupy▼▲, you should set the guardrail◇◇, warning sign, or voice prompt, and take the necessary alternative measures. The expiration of the temporary occupation period, the occupancy un?

Original title: Hebei, Fujian, Beijing procuratorate△★, according to law Trading case•◆, the original Provincial Standing Committee of the Anhui Provincial Party Committee-▷▽-, Chen Shuolong, an former deputy governor of the Provincial Peoples Government☆▷▪●, was suspected of accepting bribes, abuseing power, inside trading, leaking insider information, the central inspection team, deputy patrol commissioner•◁…●, Zhanghua Zhang Huafei filed a public prosecution The Chinese Securities Supervision and Management Committee, the vice president Yao Gang is suspected of accepting bribes★…◁, insider trading cases▪•◁, by the Supreme Peoples Procuratorate-▪△▽, by Hebei Provincial Peoples Procuratorate□○★, Hebei Province, Handan Public Security Bureau, transfer to Hebei Province Peoples Procuratorate Review Prosecute. Recently=□◆▷, Handan City Peoples Procuratorate h?

Original title: China improves the national defense budget, do not have to be frightened (Heroes, two sessions) “Peoples Daily Overseas Edition” (March 07, 2018) Every year▽◇☆▼, Chinas national defense spending issues will always cause some foreign media inexplicable Stunning. In 2018■•▪□, Chinas defense budget exceeded 1.1 trillion yuan, the growth rate was 8.1%△◆▷, and the concerns of some overseas public opinion were also triggered▽◇. After all, this is the first national defense expenditure number after Chinas big knife◇▽. From the absolute number, Chinas military expenditure has increased to be “scary”, but if you really study it, this increase is normal and it is necessary. In the early stages of reform and opening up●▼◇▲, in order to ensure economic growth, China is in a very long history of histor.

Original title: Two children need to double the bonus bonus□★●○? Fujian Minhou Weidian Bureau: The previous provisions did not need to refund the Beijing News News (Reporter Liu Yang Intern Lu Weijing) The family who has received the only child rewards gold, if you want to have two children●•=, you need to double the reward? Today▼■●, Fujian Minhou County officially requested that the two childrens family refunded the only child awards. In the afternoon, the Beijing News reporter learned from the Minhou County Government Bureau that the last level of the child received a reply, and the bonus rewards that have been received no longer need to return. It is previously regulated. Today, there is a media report that a citizen of Minhou County said that he only intended to give birth to a child because of living conditions, and he received a bonus of the only child. However, after the introduction of the two childrens policies, the couple decided to have two children◆□, but they were twice as required by the Minhou County Guar! nitta gelatin usa fish gelatin for baking Pure collagen.

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