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[guidance for industry immunogenicity assessment for therapeutic protein]Original title: Changshengs biological reply inquiries deliberate fuzzy word lawyers say the companys retreat may have more facts and details of the vaccination of the elderly creature (002680▷☆.sz) vaccine. On July 22, according to the latest statement of the State Food and Drug Administration□▪▲, it has been identified that the long-lived organism violates the relevant provisions of the ☆◇”Pharmaceutical Management Law of the Peoples Republic of China”, the State Food and Drug Administration has ordered the company to stop production. , Recall the drug GMP certificate▪△, recall the rabies vaccine that has not been used. The State Food and Drug Administration will investigate the investigation of enterprises with the Jilin Provincial Bureau, and the transfer of public security organs suspected of crime shall be investigated for criminal responsibility. On the other hand▪▷▲•, as the CSRC pays attention to the vaccine incident, it will not be just a dead limit◇△, and it is not excluded. July .

Original title: Two high questions about guns and air gun lead prediction cases, the full text of the ◇▼●★”Supreme Peoples Court▷•▽, the Supreme Peoples Procuratorate on guns involving compressed gases”, the prosecution of gas gun lead criminal cases On January 25●-△, 2018=△▽◁, the 1732th meeting of the Trial Committee of the Supreme Peoples Court◆=◇, passed on March 2, 2018, passed on the 74th meeting of the 12th Procuratorate Committee of the Supreme Peoples Procuratorate☆●▽★, which is published, March 30, 2018. Working. The Supreme Peoples Court Supreme Peoples Procuratorate March 8, 2018, the Supreme Peoples Procuratorate on the Supreme Peoples Procuratorate on the main peoples procuratorate involved in the power of compressed gases, and the prostinal case of the criminal case of the air gun lead criminal case!

Original title: Dont use it online He has been refreshed with “World of Warcraft” World Record, why do you call this in the CPPCC▲▽★? “There is no absolute security●•◆…!” I have seen Jian Feng many times in different occasions□-▼•, and this sentence is almost every time□■•★. Every new Internet technology application concept is released, he always splashes a pot of cold water. When IPHONEX, “Peoples Face Recognition” is fried, he said: “The password is lost, but the biological information is not renewable. Once the leaks, sorry▷●▼◆, you cant have a second face.” He has Two mobile phones◆▷△▷, one is iPhone○…, used to go online◆○•; another is Huawei◁•★▪, only to call…○▲, completely disconnected. As a person in the Internet industry, such a lifestyle, there is no “anti-Internet”. Taking into account his identit.

Author: The ◆★”Water Faucet” in Lang Yan is opened again gelatin manufacturer in collagen with vitamin c! In May 26 days▽▷▲, some regions in the south were raining; in May, only less than one week, 26-27th▼☆○, 28th – 31st, the south will reappear two rounds of rainfall. Under the continuous “blessing” of the rain, some Jianghe Lake library water levels rose, and there is a disaster••…. Up to now, 79 rivers in the 9 provinces have a superflash flood□•▪•. On May 25, Hankou, Hubei, Hankou, Yangtze River, Jiangshui, has approached Hankou Jiang Beach 2nd platform. Image Source: Visual Chinas more than 10 provinces will welcome rainstorm to the central meteorological station news, 20:00 to 26, May 26, Zhejiang▪△•, Jiangx gelatin before and after gelotine!Pectin manufacturer.