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[protein supplements industry uk]China Daily reporter◇-•▲: Thank you for the host△★•◆. Hello◆=, Wan Steel■•★, Hello☆•▼★, “Government Work Report” has given high evaluation of five-year scientific and technological innovation, pointing out that the innovative driver development is fruitful, overall innovation ability and efficiency have improved significantly. Excuse me●▼, what have any obvious changes in my countrys scientific and technological innovation in five years? Thank you. Wan Steel: Since the 18th National Congress, the scientific and technological innovation field is the same as other fields. At the Party Central Committee, the State Council attached great importance to the strong leadership, everyone work together, and achieve historic changes, and has achieved historic achievements. I think there are probably in such a few aspects: Wan Steel◆•-◆: First, our scientific and technological innovation level has been significantly improved●▽, gradually entered the “three running coexistence”, run=□▽, leading the growing history of history. Our strategic high technology is gradually movi?

Source: Public Network [Zaozhuang City quickly investigated a number of companies exposed by CCTV, and fully inspected◇▼! The law enforcement personnel have conducted detailed inspection of three enterprises-◁, production facilities, raw film storage○△…□, product packaging•▷▼•, and delivery acceptance, process control, factory inspection, etc▷▽. The inspection found that Zaozhuang City Kangyuan Food Co.…◆, Ltd. did not organize production, the environmental dirty difference, the walnut milk product formula was bid, and walnut raw materials were not found in the on-site raw material formula, and the companys legal person representative Liang Moucoured that peanut butter and walnut flavor, did not use walnut kernels☆…★, law enforcement officers paid 812 boxes “Lu Yuan” walnut milk■=; Zaozhuang Jinshunyuan Food Co.●□▼▼, Ltd◇◁. did not follow food production license requirements to organize production, site Poor production environme.

Xinhua News Agency Beijing•▷=◁, on May 27=□, the first plenary meeting, the first plenary meeting, held in Beijing on the 26th☆◇▪. The Standing Committee of the CPC Central Committee, Vice Premier of the State Council Han Zheng hosted the meeting and speaking▼○. The meeting conducted in-depth study and implementing the important speech and instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping, implementing the Party Central Committee, the Decision-making deployment of the Party Central-▼, the State Council decision-making, and considers relevant documents, and research and deployment. Han Zheng said that my country strives to achieve carbon-up peaks in 2030, 2060, to achieve carbon neutralization, is a great strategic decision made by Comrade Xi Jinping as the core. Realize carbon-up peaks★◆, carbon neutralization, is the internal requirements of sustainable development, high quality developmen. china gelatin protein collagen protein powderContacts wholesale capsule weight inspection protein powder industry analysis!