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[40 mesh gelatin]China News Agency, May 27 (Reporter Zhang Daozheng) “The overseas Chinese is an important force in Chinas construction and development. In the Chinese revolution, construction, reform△▼, it has made an irreplaceable important contribution◆▲▽.▼○▪” Chinese Commerce Xu Rongmao, president of the Federation, delivered a speech on the 11th China Economic Forum on the 27th■●•★. On the same day, the 11th China Overseas Chinese Merchant Forum was held in Tianjin•◁. Xu Rongmao attended the forum and speaking, he said that since the reform and opening up▲☆, the majority of overseas Chinese vendors have worked in the motherland, dare to be a priority•☆▲, actively returning to investment, is a proactive participant in Chinas reform and opening up, actively contributors□▷-☆. “According to statistics▽○, more than 60% of foreign investment-◆, more than 70% foreign-funded enterprise?

Original title=△▽■: The National Peoples Congress represents Xu Guanjue▪◆●=: the private economy should form the □▷◆◁”chassis•☆▪” of high-quality development. On March 8th, on March 8, at the 13th National Peoples Congress, the National Peoples Congress, the National Peoples Congress•▼, Chang Guanjue▷-★○, chairman of Changing Group□-, combined with private economic development, and talks about the feelings of ●△□▲”Government Work Report○☆▽□”▼…◆. Xu Gao said that the report fully reflects the requirements of high-quality development in the new era, puts in-depth propulsion supply side structural reforms to the first place, putting the powerful point in the entity economy, put ▪◆”three to one down one and one supplement◇□” as a starting point○●◇=, pass Inspire the vitality of the market entity and improve the quality of economic development▷▪▽. Over the years, Zhejiang private enterprises have worked hard to pursue high-quality development in supply-side structural reforms◆▲. When the Zhejiang economy is going to the new era△▷△□, it began to show new student!

Original title: National Super Computing Shenzhen Center Director Feng Shengzhong: Super Country is not for advanced and advanced superior, not for advanced and advanced – Visit the National Super Computing Shenzhen Center Feng Shengzhong reported that the Hong Kong Media has recently reported that China is building a value of 1 billion worth The ◇…★”superconducting computer” of RMB RMB, this is an unprecedented machine that can develop new weapons, deciphering passwords, analyzing information◇…, and help prevent energy demand surges. This news has once again attracted the attention of all parties to Chinas superior development. “In the past 40 years of reform, Chinas super-cost technology has not yet, and gradually develops to the worlds leading level. In this, scientific research personnel need to be truly pragmatic, and the mission of emergency countries play an important role○○▷■.□■■” National Super Computing Shenzhen Center Director Feng Shengzhong told the Science and Technology Daily report!

Original title△★•: Three characteristics of national enterprises since the 18th National Congress: Double High, Double and Double Double Double Author: Li Li=■★, Yun Wei is an important area that is related to the peoples livelihood▽▪•☆. The Party has always attached importance to the development and reform of state – owned enterprises. Since the 18th National Congress, with the continuous increase of anti-corruption•○◇, with the development of special inspections of state-owned enterprises, state-owned enterprises corruption have continued to pay attention, especially the corruption problem of state-owned enterprises has become a key issue. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out in five plenary sessions of the 18th Central Commission for Discipline Inspection: “We must focus on improving the state-owned enterprise supervision system, strengthen the partys leadership of state-owned enterprises=▪•▷, strengthen the supervision of national-owned enterprises, and do a good job in the inspection of state-owned enterprises, increase the audit Supervise the intensity. We must improve the state-owned asset resource supervision system, strengthen the pow□-.

Original title: Inner Mongolia: Incorporating the problem of black-related corruption into inspector inspections, the implementation of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Commission for Discipline Inspection and Disposal on the implementation of the ▼●”Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Communist Party of China on the Implementation of the Opportunities of the Sweeping October” The plan, decided to combine the anti-black and anti-corruption struggle and the grassroots “shot”, strengthen the supervision of objection▪▲●, and resolutely break through the “relationship network”☆☆, and kill the ▪▼”protective umbrella▷•▪◆”☆◁○◆, and promote the comprehensiveness of the party to the grassroots In order to win the special struggle for the anti-black blackfish in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region to provide strong discipline security. “Implementation Plan” clearly, focusing on the region▼■△▪, construction…△•, transportation, mineral resources▼□★, business market◆…•★, agriculture and animal husbandry production▷●, etc◇…▲., etc., towards the rural pastoral and urban-rural combination◆■◆△, etc▪○. Industry that is easy to send and frequently issu wholesale 250 bloom gelatin hydrolyzed gelatin halal 180 bloom collagen peptides tiene bovino!Gelatin capsule gelatine bloom,