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[hydrolyzed bovine collagen peptides benefits]Original title○■…◇: Anhui Wuhu Xuancheng Airport is approved, positioned as domestic branch airport data map”Approval of the overall plan of Wuhu Xuancheng Airport•◇”▼•☆, formally agree ◁•□…”Wuhu Xuancheng Airport overall planning. According to the approval, Wuhu Xuancheng Airport recent planning target is 2025▪☆■, and the long-term planning goal is 2045. Recently, the passenger throughput was 1.2 million passengers, and the annual shipping throughput was 10◆-●-,000 tons. The annual transport plane took 12,2245, and the navigation plane took 10▷▷▲,000 sets■○■. For the long-term passenger throughput of 4.3 million passengers, the annual shipping throughput of 70,000 tons, the annual transport plane took 380□☆●,50=★-, and the navigation plane took the 200,000 programming◆▪. Planning to position the Wuhu Xuancheng Airport as a domestic branch li.

Original title: [Interpretation] Chinas anti-attack “boots landing”▼▲■, intended to ▲•☆◆”knock the mountain shock” China mainly targeted the US agriculture, but the United States targeted Chinas high-tech industry▷☆. China-US announced (proposed) taxation list. According to the Ministry of Finance☆▪△, the State Councils Tariff Tax Council decided to stop the tariff dismissal obligation of some imported goods originating in the United States…■▲•, which is implemented from April 2, 2018■=☆. The Ministry of Finance TAF announced that China will stop the tariff dismissions of the 7-class 128 imported goods from the United States from April 2, 2018. This 128 items include 120 fruits and products★△, as well as 8 pork and products. The Ministry of Finance shows that this initiative is to respond to the US levy high steel tariff (ie 232 measures) and maintain Chin◁-.

Original title◁▪△: Provincial and provincial national tax sub-tax agencies▲◁, pay attention to expert analysis, believe that tax collection and management reform will advance tax rule of law construction and reform national tax system tax registration system•★★◆, which is a content of the reform of the party and national institutions. According to the reform plan, the provincial and provincial-level national tax limits, which are specifically bear on the responsibilities of various taxes▽=▪, non-taxation entrances and tubes in the region…▲▲•. After the national tax branch is merged■-▼◇, the State Administration of Taxation is implemented as the main and the provincial (autonomous region▷▼-, municipality) government double leadership management system. In this year, the “Minister of Tail□…◇☆”, the Secretary for State Administration of Taxation said in an interview with the media○-■▪: “This is a good program of the migrant profit taxland, resolutely support, completely agreed.▪▼•□” Reform the national tax spectrial tax registration system What is important, what is the active shadow▽…?, on May 27, according to Shenzhen released WeChat public information, 26th, Shenzhen Longgang District added 2 cases of new crown viruses have no symptoms■▲•○, and found that the relevant key populations related to non-symptom infections outside the country are found. Announcement screenshot Yang, male, 54 years old, lived in Tangbei 2nd Lane, Anliang Community, Ganshan Street, Longgang District★◁□, Haina show factory employees☆=. On May 25th-▼▽☆, the initial sieve new crown virus nucleic acid is positive•□, and the positive is reviewed by the citys disease control center. Currently, it has been transferred to the emergency treatment of emergency housing in Shenzhen Third Peoples Hospital◆•••. He▲•■, male▽△□•, 15 years old, lived in Lianghua Street, Anliang, Anliang Community, Liangshan Street, Longgang District, showing factory stay at Hainer. On May 25th, new crown vir.

Original title: Beijing todays highest 22 ° C refreshing this years new high Xi San street▪…, many citizens wearing short sleeves-••. Beijing News This morning (March 24)◁◆■●, Beijing began to make it▼▷•▪. The maximum temperature of the afternoon is 22 ° C=□…, and it is high in temperature this year□•●. It is expected that the weather is mainly sunny in the next three days, the temperature is slow, but the temperature difference between day and night is large, and the public needs to adjust the dress in time. Responsible Editor…●: Zhang .