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[plant gelatin]Original title: Yangmei Art Exams and Im thinking•▼△◇: design professional play cross-border□▪▪, the Chinese painting is asking for the seven-story sentence Beijing Daily report on March 7th, “Is it happy by Central American?” This sentence is rushing The students of the students of the art test are quite hot. This has to start with the examination questions from the 2018 undergraduate enrollment in the Central Academy of Fine Arts last weekend. Following the launch of the “whose goblin” “a song” ▼-“a song” “a song•○” “a song” “a song●○▼▽”, the title “of the” Great Bob Di Dun “has been launched in the past few years, the Yangmei Design Specialty in the tip of the wind is no longer looked again this year•■-★. The candidates are required to visualize their visual expression with the “Happiness Index”. “Compared with the previous year, I will be too kind. I have a specific image. I am too abstract this year□★-.” Candidate is comparable, and once again become a landscape of Catai Examinatio★▽●◁!

Chinas new network Beijing May 28 (Reporter Xiao Xin) -○”Carbon Peak…=▽, Carbon▷-▪•” is becoming a common proposition of all mankind. “Carbon-Da Peak, Carbon…•” This year, the first time I wrote in the Chinese governments work report, the national level realizes the ambition and call of green development, and quickly set off a technological innovation in the business community◇◆. Studies have shown that household appliances are the second largest energy consumption of residents. The residential carbon emissions are as high as 30% from home appliances. This means that in 2060, the carbon is achieved, and the home appliance industry will take the lead in the next few years○△…■. Incorporate into the performance cycle▪■●. A△■.O◆★▽▷. Senior Vice President of Smith Group and President of China Co.•□, Ltd. accepted the interview with Chinas new network reporter, “gree.

Original title: (two sessions by the right to release) The 12th CPPCP received a total of 29,378 proposals 99% Proposal has been completed Xinhua News Agency Beijing March 3 The Political Consultative Proposal is an important way to perform the functions of the Peoples Political Consultative Conference◁◁•▽. It is to promote decision-making democratization=▪▪, science Important channels. During the 12th CPPCC, the CPPCC member, the CPPCC participated in units and special committees, conscientiously implement the spirit of the 18th National Congress○△■-, the 19th National Congress, and promoted the “Four Comprehensive” strategy in accordance with the overall ▲○▲”five-in-one•●▷” overall layout and coordination The layout requires that proposals will be proposed around the national plan. In the past five years, there have been 29▽■,378 proposals, and 23,975 cases were reviewed. Entrusted by the Standing Committee of the 12th National Committee of the CPPCC, the Presiduary of the 13th National Conference of the CPPCC was executive to the CPPCC.

Original title: US military EA18G fighter South China Sea is disturbed? US media speculation is Chinas dry information: Rose Welfare Aircraft Carrier [Global Military April 20] The US Navys EA-18G “roaring” electronic warplane is known for the powerful electronic pressure●=, but the US business insider website 18 Burst…☆•=, the machine has recently been disturbed in the South China Sea. There is no evidence that there is no evidence that the interference comes from□▷, but it is natural to think that this is Chinas dry. However, even American experts have doubtful attitudes. According to the report●▷▲, the US Navys “Roosevelt” nuclear power aircraft carrier has arrived in the Philippines☆▽•■, and the pilot report on the ship depicts a disturbing scene – the increasing relationship with China. “The fact is that some of your equipment cannot work properly, some people try to interfere with you. .

Xinhua News News Agency The Bill is marked with the full completion of the local legislation involved in the Hong Kong Sector Electoral System. This is the legal results and system progress in Hong Kong to the rule of Zhizhi, the original Qing source, the re-departure, ◁☆▪△”Patriots” principle is fully implemented from the system mechanism, reflecting and implementing, and the “Oriental Pearl” after the wind and rain To the new stage of development…•▼●, Hong Kongs ◇△▽”one country■▷-▪, two systems” practices have opened a new chapter in history○•. Adopt. gelotine fish collagen peptide hs codePectin manufacturer protein drink industry how is gelatin made today,