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Contacts protein ingredient industry collagen drink oral liquid,[gelatin 180 bloom]Original title: The Ministry of Environment: It is restored to the Bohai bone gray, guarantees the Haihai Mass Sea Funeral Demand Ecological Environment Department Office of the Office of the Office of China [2018] No. 537 About the Restoration of the Bohai Chronicles Pouring Related Matters State Ocean Bureau North Sea Branch•□●: According to the basis The State Council institutional reform plan□•▼, the marine tilt management function has been transferred. In order to implement the people-centered development thoughts, ensure the requirements of the people of the Bohai Sea, and effectively implement the relevant requirements of “work” during the process of reform, and now the Bohai Yimei is in the Bohai Ashes during the reform transition, as follows: First○–★, from now Restore the Bohai ash, please continue to do a good job in issuance of licenses in accordance with laws and regulations and “put…◆☆▪” reform requirements. The reform of the organization is completed, and the function is adjusted .

Original title: Peking University Tsinghua has set up “mathematics”, recruiting goals, natively refers to the Beijing University Legal Evening News, View news, March 20th△□▽=, Beijing University Undergraduate Admissions Network announced the 2018 “mathematics” Admissions Guide■=, this is also enrollment in the first “mathematics” of Peking University. Peking University •○◇☆”Mathematics” in 2018 is intended to recruit no more than 30 people, admitted to ◇▼▽▷”Mathematics”. Inadvertently, Safe Tsinghua University also announced the first time, “Qiu Chengtong Mathematics Book” enrollment method, intended to recruit no more than 15 people•☆, admitted to “Mathematics and Application Mathematics◇▽=”▪◆. On the eve of the college entrance examination○△, these two colleges and universities have set up “mathematics”, and the goal fingers fell in the competition. Peking University is not more than 30 people in the second grade△★•, according to the admissions brochure, Peking Universi▼◇▷▲.

China Weather Network is expected that today (24th) Beijing air quality is good, the weather is fine, the highest temperature is 22 ° C, will create a new high temperature this year. Yesterday=■, Beijing had severe pollution in Beijing. However••, at night★■★, as the cold air arrives△▼=○, the atmospheric diffusion conditions are improved. In terms of temperature, monitoring shows that at around 16:00 yesterday◁•, the temperature of the South is rose to 21.2 ° C. This morning, Beijing began to make it. According to the Beijing Environmental Protection Monitoring Center, today, Beijing is transferred to high pressure back to high pressure, and the diffusion conditions are advantageous, and the air quality index 65-85 is achieved▷□●○. In addition, the temperature continues to rise today. Beijing Meteorological Observatory issued a forecast•▲: Today, sunny, there is light fog in the south, the north to the south wind two or three levels, the highest temperature 22 ° C; nig.

Original title◇●•■: RMB priginal crude oil futures listed foreign media: China seek larger crude oil pricing rights Reference News Network reported foreign media said that China has launched a crude oil futures contract with RMB, and foreign investors will have a chance for the first time◇-▷. Buy Chinese commodity futures. This worlds largest crude oil importer is currently seeking to improve the impact on global oil prices▷▪□. According to the Fa XPO, on March 26, the futures contract allows investors to hedge actual oil prices▽★☆, the RMB denier futures contract may allow China to exercise greater control for the price of the main consumption of the country★☆•. According to the report, this is also the latest initiative to enhance the international image of the RMB international image. The International Industrial Research Center engaged in energy industry information services said in a report, new contrac.