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[high protein vegan protein bar industry]This year is wind power, the first year of photovoltaic power generation▪••, ▪◁▷●”Scene” power generation will account for about 11% △-▽◁”Peoples Daily Overseas Edition=▷▽•” (04th edition, July 27, 2021) This newspaper Beijing Electric ( The reporter Ding Yiting) The National Energy Administration has recently issued the ■=•△”Notice on the Construction of Wind and Electricity and PV & Power Development in 2021″. In 2021◆-…□, the national wind power and photovoltaic power generation capacity accounted for about 11%, followed by year. Improved, ensuring that the proportion of unfaith energy consumption in 2025 accounted for about 20%. This year is the first year of wind power and photovoltaic power generation. Chi△•▽•?

Original title: The ★•▪▽”Iron Blood Political Committee□•□◆”○☆, who has written down the 4-seal book, Jinsheng Group Army Source: Changan Street, a Changan Street▷●, a Great Head, and I learned that the Armys 78th Group Army A special War Tema Baochuan has been promoted to the 82nd group army. Vice political commissar. Ma Baochuan is known as the “Terminal Political Committee”, which is famous for the 47-year-old •△•”elderly-▼” to complete 800 meters high-altitude skydiving. The Teachers Political Committee “Division” is a political commissar, and the coming record in 2013. Mamagawa is in less than half a year, and the troops have prepared the system adjustment and reform, and he ▷=▲”high-vocational low match” officer. Political commissar. Although there is already psychological preparation, but after receiving the order□-, it is still very flat, and it will enter the house in the house. “Who is there without any idea•▪…, b!

Technology New Elements on the day, Yang Qingwu, Yongjiang, reporter Wang Lingshu, at 7:18 on May 15th■▪★▪, Tian asked the land inspector successfully landed in the southern part of Mars Utopia Plains, my countrys first Mars detection The mission is a complete success. Behind the success of the day, the support of “new elements▽-▽○” in technology. Phase Sensitive◁☆-▽: Space “Thousand Miles” Advantages Multi Our Mars Detection is designed to achieve surrounds, landing and inspections of Mars through a launch▲◆. As an important instrument for position and speed measurement, the phase-controlled array sensor is in the landing stage, providing high-precision measurement data for spacecraft, successfully helping land inspector safe.

Original title: Jiuquan satellite launch center scenic spot is weighing March 14, the reporter learned from the Gansu Provincial Tourism Association, and recently issued an announcement in the Quality Ratinal Evaluation Committee of Gansu Province, in accordance with the National Standards of the Peoples Republic of China The division and assessment of the quality level●◁, “Measures for the Quality of Tourism Scenic Area◁▽□”, is recommended by the Quality Ratinal Evaluation Management Committee of Jiuquan City, Gansu Provincial Tourism Scenic Area Quality Ratinal Evaluation Committee, Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center Scenic Area reaches the national 4A-level tourism The standard requirements of the scenic spot are approved as a national 4A-level tourist attraction. Source…☆◇•: …▪◁-“China Gansu Network” WeChat public account Editor: Zhang china halal gelatin best liquid collagen organic bovine hide collagen peptides vs bone broth collagen drink sachet skin whitening!Gelatin capsule.